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About Medicine on Second

Medicine On Second is an award winning, innovative, modern, medical practice.

We are looking beyond the 21st century practice by doing things "our way" but having a lot of fun in the process whilst trying to maintain those "old fashioned values" too.

Remember your family doctor when you were a kid? He was a kindly, paternal gentleman, who did house calls any time, knew everyone in your family, and expected to look after you from cradle to grave – if not yours, then his. You never questioned his judgement, or dreamed of going to anyone else if you weren't satisfied. You never even dreamed of not being satisfied. How times have changed!

Thanks to a desire to take responsibility for our own health, these days accessing medical services is now all about choice.

Here are some of our key points of difference that we hope will explain why we won the Queensland Medical Practice of the Year award and why we have been a finalist in numerous other local and regional business awards.

  • Reminder System - We know in the busy world we live in it can be difficult to remember doctor's appointments for ourselves or other family members. That’s why we have in place a computerised recall system. Our medical centre patients are reminded to attend our medical practice for an appointment by letter or email, just in case you forget!
  • Minimal waiting times - Nobody likes to be kept waiting. Our staff are all aware of this and we have dedicated patient co-ordinators who monitor the patients in the waiting areas, offer refreshments, and keep you informed of any delays.
  • Gaining regular patient feedback - A member of staff generally phones patients after procedures and after their initial doctor's consultation to check on our service delivery. This is correlated and feedback given to doctors and staff on a fortnightly basis.
  • We offer a nice place to visit - When you visit our medical centre you’ll notice that they are new, modern, air conditioned premises, with local art work on the walls and music playing in the background. There’s also a plasma TV screening movies for the children. No sterile, ambient void premises for us! Our premises are also well lit, clean and spacious. View our image gallery here to see what we mean >>
  • Same day policy - If you or someone you know is unwell enough to call us, we know you’ll want to see a doctor right away. That’s why we have a same day policy. No matter what, we’ll make sure you are able to see a doctor on the same day. The appointment may not be with your usual doctor, and a wider variety of available times will be disclosed dependent on the time of day we are first notified of their desire to book an appointment, but we always do our best to accommodate your unique needs.
  • Magazines - No more boring magazine issues from a decade ago. We try to always ensure that we have a diverse selection of relatively new magazines for our patients to enjoy. We also offer a complimentary photocopying service should anyone wish to photocopy a recipe or other item of interest within the magazine so that they remain intact for you, and the next patient to enjoy.
  • Family friendly - A designated play area is available for children complete with an array of kid-proof toys. A babies changing area is available in the toilet areas in the main corridor. Most of our staff have children of their own and will do all that they can to make visits to the doctor a stress-free experience.
  • Brochures and videos - We have many brochures available for perusal and to advocate the importance of public health education. In addition, information sheets are provided to patients on a regular basis where relevant. These may include information on the flu, chickenpox or travel medicine.
  • Facilities for people with a disability - Our practice is designed for wheelchair access.
  • A team of female and male doctors – We understand that it is important to find a doctor that you ‘connect’ with and feel comfortable to freely communicate any health issues you may be having. That’s why we've got a diverse range of doctors heralding from different countries, of different ages, and specialising in different disciplines. 
  • Staff training – Staff attend regular training, seminars and workshops to ensure their skills are up to date and also the hope of bringing new ideas to the practice.

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