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Medicine on Second is continually seeking to strive for excellence and provide the highest quality medical care to patients. As part of these initiatives Medicine on Second periodically appears in the press through informative articles.

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Immunisation Q&A Link

22 Jan 2014 3:36 PM -

AMA President, Dr Steve Hambleton, said today that the AMA welcomes the Australian Academy of Science’s new Science Q&A app as an important addition to the immunisation evidence base to help parents make informed decisions abou...

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Statins & Cholesterol Debate

6 Jan 2014 8:10 PM -

Australian Doctors Publication

Statins & Cholesterol

As a debate rages over high cholesterol and statins, two experts spell out the facts on this controversial topic.

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Kids at risk from alternative medicine

20 Jan 2011 12:50 PM -

Please take time to read this interesting article released yesterday from The Australian Doctor.


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8 Sep 2010 6:30 AM -

World-wide, diabetes is becoming epidemic. Recently, in collaboration with World Health Organisation (WHO) in Geneva, the International Diabetes Institute produced new global predictions of the number of people with diabetes for various coun...

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Chronic Disease Management

8 Sep 2010 6:29 AM -

Since 2005 through Medicare it has become easier for GPs to manage the health care of patients with chronic medical conditions, including patients needing multidisciplinary care.

The Chronic Disease Management (CDM) items sign...

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8 Sep 2010 6:24 AM -

The procedure of removing a piece of vas deferens and hence interrupting the flow of sperm from the testicle to the prostrate is called a vasectomy. The body will still make sperm but this remains in the testicle where it is broken down and abs...

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New Consultation Fees

21 Jan 2010 10:29 PM -

Please be aware that as of January 1st 2010 we have new consultation fees. For more information on these fees and how they will apply to you please review the full breakdown here.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to ...

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Kids & Stress

7 Dec 2009 10:01 PM - Dr Roger Morris

In past decades, psychologists believed that psychological resilience in children to various forms of stress was somehow inborn. But more recent evidence shows that psychological and emotional resilience can be taught, enabling even the most vu...

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Bettter access to mental health care

27 Nov 2009 9:59 PM - Dr Roger Morris

On 1st November 2006, GP Mental Health Care items became available on the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS). These items are improving access to mental health services provided by General Practitioners and were developed in consultation with GP ...

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Medicine on Second thrive at Sunshine Coast Business Awards

4 Nov 2009 9:54 PM -

The Sunshine Coast Excellence in Business Awards have evolved to become the most significant and prestigious regional business event on the Sunshine Coast. Now in their 15th year these awards maintain their integrity by remaining dedicated to &...

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12 Oct 2009 9:50 PM - Dr Roger Morris

Dyslexia is a type of Specific Learning Difficulty (SLD) in which the person has difficulties with language and words. Dyslexia affects approximately 10 per cent of the population. Despite having average or above average intelligence, people wi...

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ADHD - An overview

10 Aug 2009 9:40 PM - Dr Roger Morris

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a developmental problem which results in poor concentration and control of impulses. It can affect children’s learning and social skills, and also family functioning. About 3-5 of every 1...

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Infant feeding and allergy prevention

1 Jun 2009 9:31 PM - Dr Roger Morris

Review of recent research papers and position statements in the area of infant feeding and allergy prevention has resulted in Australia’s peak professional body of specialist allergists and immunologists (ASCIA) to revise and update its o...

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1 Jun 2009 9:27 PM - Dr Roger Morris

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which includes Autism and Aspergers syndrome, is a neuro-biological disorder that has severe impacts on how a person communicates, socialises with others, processes information from his/her senses and adapts to h...

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Childhood amnesia

4 Apr 2009 9:17 PM - Dr Roger Morris

Childhood Amnesia is the common inability of adults to remember the earliest years of childhood, characterized by a relative absence of memory recall prior to 3 or 4 years of age. The idea of childhood amnesia is not a complete absence of memor...

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