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Allergy Clinic to start at Medicine on Second

20 Aug 2008 8:44 PM - Dr Roger Morris

From the 5th September, 2008, Dr Roger Morris will be commencing dedicated Allergy Clinics on Friday mornings, for both children and adults.

The following services will be provided:

  • Medical consultation for allergy-related disorders
  • severe food allergies & anaphylaxis
  • hay fever, asthma & allergic eye conditions
  • skin allergies, eczema, dermatitis
  • allergen avoidance & general allergy education
  • Allergy testing via skin & blood testing (on-site)
  • Oral immunotherapy (desensitisation therapies)
  • Maintenance immunotherapy injections
  • Anaphylaxis Action Plans & Epipen training

Through internal referral systems, patients will benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience within ‘Medicine on Second' regarding management of skin disorders, food intolerance problems, elimination diets, environmental and nutritional therapies. Within the immediate health precinct where Medicine on Second is located, are relevant allied health practitioners such as dieticians. Patients with severe and complicated allergic disorders will also benefit from well-established referral relationships with Specialist Allergy & Immunology services within southeast Queensland.

Also, see article on Allergy Testing here: http://www.medicineonsecond.com.au/articles/cms/75/allergy-testing

For an appointment at these Allergy Clinics please contact Medicine on Second on 07 5443 9455 or request an appointment online.