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Back to School with Medicine on Second

29 Jan 2008 8:26 AM - The Weekender

It’s school time again! Kids are probably feeling excited and maybe a little sad that summer is over. Some kids feel nervous or a little scared on the fi rst day of school because of all the new things: new teachers, new friends, and maybe even a new school. Luckily, these “new” worries only stick around for a little while.

For parents as well it is an emotional rollercoaster. For some parents it is the fi rst time their little one is going to school, so you have that feeling of “Are they OK?”, “Are they eating their lunch?” “Do they miss me?” “If they're not missing me, why?”.

Then you have the parents, where the kids are going back to school after terrorising the house for six weeks, and it's “Yee Haa, Party time”. Which ever category you fi t into, the one aspect of your life you must look after is your health. So how can Medicine on Second help you?

  • SAME DAY APPOINTMENT POLICY - This is great for mums who can phone in the morning and get an appointment whilst the kids are at school.
  • SKIN CANCER SCREENING which is 100% BULK BILLED. Worried about a sun spot or possible skin cancer? Book in for a consultation, and get an answer to your questions at your appointment. We offer immediate advice, information on different forms of skin cancer and samples of suncreams and skin care products.
  • WOMENS HEALTH – Now the kids are in “lock down” at school, it's time to get all those annual checks. We have comfortable surroundings, modern décor, fresh coffee, plasma TVs. It's not like waiting in a hospital! We have listened to our patients needs and acted upon them.
  • NEW FEMALE DOCTOR – Due to demand we have another female general practitioner. Her name is Dr Lalani Subasinghe and she has come to us highly recommended by our GP consortium and her previous general practice in Brisbane. Her patients have followed her since she started general practice which is a credit to her, and a wonderful reference for us. She has an interest in all sorts of medicine with a special interest in childrens and womens health, dermatology and obstetrics.
  • “RECREATIONAL MEDICINE” – OK, you're on your own now, kids at school, you are looking at magazines with pictures of palm trees, fresh blue water and sun! At Medicine on Second we can help you get into the swing of a good recreational life. We can organise your TRAVEL HEALTH needs, including the Yellow Fever Injection if required. We also do full Dive Medicals for those of you who are interested in diving our local wreck or swimming with the sharks. At this time it is probably appropriate to let you know we also deal with EMERGENCY MEDICINE!!
  • EMPLOYMENT MEDICALS – We are the preferred practice for major national companies for pre-employment medicals, workplace injury and various insurance medicals
  • KIDS UNDER 16 100% BULK BILLED – Even though we are a private medical practice, all of the kids (under 16), pension card holders and health care card holders are BULK BILLED. So don’t sit at home and stress about paying accounts if you fi t into one of these categories. Take care of your health!
  • 45-49 YEAR OLD HEALTH CHECKS 100% BULK BILLED – Q: Have you/do you smoke? Q: Do you exercise regularly? Q: Have you ever/do you believe you have poor eating habits? Q: Do you have a family history of chronic disease? Q: Have you/do you suffer from alcohol abuse? If you answered yes to any one of these questions you may be eligible for a full health check. This health check should also focus on men who tend not to go to the doctors often! Make it part of your New Year's resolution to take care of yourself. It doesn't mean you can't have fun....!
  • VASECTOMIES – Kids have been home for six weeks, they are now all at school. The thought of more children ….. A decision has been made, NO MORE KIDS! Come down and visit Dr Michael Ryan to organise this quick procedure. Dr Michael Ryan has been performing this procedure for many years. With his dry sense of humour, wit, and “blokey understanding”, the procedure is not so daunting and the support is great. More information regarding this procedure can be sought from our website or ask for the VAS pack to be sent to you.
  • ONLINE APPOINTMENT SYSTEM – You can now book your NON-URGENT appointments online through our website! Go to www.medicineonsecond.com.au and click on Book an Appointment. Fill out the preferences for the appointment and your details and one of our friendly staff will either phone or email you back.

These are just a few of the services we offer at Medicine on Second. We are introducing new services each week. We are an innovative practice. We have friendly caring staff, a sense of humour when required, and DO listen to your feedback. Please phone our Maroochydore rooms on (07) 5443 9455 or Forest Glen (07) 5445 1455 or surf the net on www.medicineonsecond.com.au.