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Christmas, traffic, kids & Medicine On Second

4 Dec 2006 7:20 AM - The Weekender

Christmas traffic, kids and Medicine On Second ……With Christmas approaching, the kids on holiday, and the traffic on our Coast roads, well…..its all too much really.

All you need during all this havoc is one of your family to be unwell, or you from too much stress ! At Medicine On Second we look after the complete package.We have a special interest in women’s health, approachable doctors for kids, and men’s health . The docs have it all covered! With summer nearly at its hottest we have Siascope Skin Cancer Screening to check all those suspicious moles and freckles and for those sports minded people, before you go diving in the water, or learn how to fly a plane, come to Medicine On Second to get those all important medicals.

You will be amazed at the amount of expertise the doctors have to offer at Medicine On Second.

Other special interests include Sports Medicine and Travel Medicine! So no matter what is wrong with your health, or whether you want to take preventative measures to keep yourself healthy, the doctors at Medicine On Second can steer you in the right direction! Now lets focus on kids…… Kids usually screw their noses up when they know they have to go to the doctors. Whether it is having needles, having a jelly bean removed from their nose, or simply not being well.

At Medicine On second we try and make the visit as comfortable, ,and as much fun as possible.We have a great children’s play area, a television, colouring books and heaps of friendly staff that give the kids stickers and stamps!

Our centre is bright and colourful , and airy. It does not have that dark , intimidating look. With the school holidays starting it is a great time to take your kids to the doctors to make sure all their vaccinations are up to date and also give them their pep talk about skin cancer and sun exposure. Medicine On second is the new medical facility for the “locals”, being an established medical practice for many years, we bring from the other centre our old fashioned family GP approach but with brand new innovative ideas.

With its fantastic location, great parking facilities and the new pharmacy, it really is “your local”. Practice Manager Nicky Jardine encourages you to come and have a look for yourself, or surf our web site on www.medicineonsecond.com.au or telephone for an appointment or further information on 5443 9455. New patients to the centre are being offered a 15 day pass to the facilities at the Beach House Fitness Centre, just to keep you motivated, feeling young and healthy.